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Xiaojian Yao PhD

Currently Not Accepting Students.

Current Position

Associate ProfessorDirector, Laboratory of Molecular Human RetrovirologyDepartment of Medical MicrobiologyFaculty of Medicine,University of Manitoba


1983 M.D. Suzhou University of Medicine, China
Specialty: Medicine

1986 M.Sc. Virology Department. National Institute for Control of
Pharmaceutical and Biological Products, Beijing, China.
Specialty: Virology and Vaccine development.

1996 Ph.D. Molecular Biology Program, Department of microbiology
and immunology, University of Montreal,
Specialty: Molecular Biology and Retrovirology

Research Focus:

I) Investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying the early stage of HIV replication, especially on HIV-1 integrase/cellular cofactor interactions required for HIV-1 DNA nuclear import, chromatin targeting and integration;

II) Study on the mechanism involved in the combat between HIV-1 and host defenders during HIV-1 infection, and development of new antiviral strategies restricting HIV replication and dissemination;

III) Genetic and functional analysis of the impact of HIV gene polymorphism on viral infection and disease progression;

IV) Development of a safe and sensitive avian influenza virus entry system for studying of the impact of H5N1 HA mutations on virus entry in human cells and for screening antiviral agents.