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Spenser Bruce Gibson PhD

Currently accepting students.

Current Position

Provincial Director, Research, CancerCare Manitoba; Director of Translational Research, Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology; Manitoba Research Chair; Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba


1997 PhD, University of Toronto

Research Focus:

Normally within a cell there is a balance occurring between undergoing cell death and surviving. Cells in an appropriate environment, with no stress, and/or undamaged will survive. Cells taken out of their appropriate environment, under stressful conditions, and/or damaged will undergo cell death (apoptosis). In cancer, this balance is altered where cell survival responses are increased preventing a cancer cells to undergo apoptosis. Understanding the decision mechanisms within cells that decide to induced apoptosis or survive will provide insight into why cancer cells survive and lead to molecular targets for cancer treatment. My research can be subdivided into two areas cell death and cell survival.