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Sarvesh Logsetty MD

Currently accepting students.

Current Position

Researcher, Children\’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba; General Surgeon, Health Sciences Centre; Associate Professor- Department of Surgery Sections of Plastic & General Surgery; Critical Care Medicine;Children’s Health; Director of Resident Research – Plastic Surgery Residency Program – Department of Surgery; Director- Manitoba Firefighters Burn Unit- Department of Surgery’ Medical Director- Manitoba Tissue Bank


After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science and M.D in 1990, Dr. Logsetty obtained his Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology from the University ofToronto in 1996 garnering many awards along the way. Dr. Logsetty completed the Surgical-Scientist Program at University of Toronto in 1994-1996. He continued his training in fellowships in Acute Burn Care & Reconstructive Surgery at Ross Tilley Burn Centre in Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, Ontario {1996-1998) and in Critical Care of Burns at Harborview Medical Centre in Seattle, Washington {1998-1999).

He was appointed to the position of Associate Director of the Firefighters Burn Treatment Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital in 1999. He was also the Director of Resident Research for the General Surgery Department at the University of Alberta Hospital from 2005 to 2007. During his time at the University of Alberta Hospital he was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. In 2007 he was recruited by the University of Manitoba and the Health Sciences Centre to take on the position of Director of the brand new Burn Unit located at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. He remains an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Manitoba and was appointed the Director of Research for the Section of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Logsetty holds certifications with The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Logsetty holds memberships in many Medical and Scientific organizations and is widely published in many topics, including Burns, his chosen area of interest.

Research Focus

Dr. Logsetty participation in research encompasses burns, traumatic injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, sepsis, stress, surgery and trauma


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