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Kent HayGlass PhD

Currently Not Accepting Students.

Current Position

Canada Research Chair in Immune RegulationDirector of Research (Grants and Research Promotion), Children\’s Hospital Research Institute of ManitobaDirector, CIHR National Training Program in Allergy and Asthma ResearchProfessor, Department of ImmunologyUniversity of Mani


Queen’s University
University of Western Ontario
Harvard University

Research Focus:

Our primary research focus is on immune regulation, specifically the roles played by cytokines and chemokines in establishing healthy €œnormal immune homeostasis vs maladaptive immunity. My group is actively involved in collaborative studies probing the role of differential cytokine production in transplant immunology settings, but most of our work concentrates on the most common chronic immune disorder–allergic diseases.

Working in human experimental systems, we seek to identify the relationships between human PRR expression, function, resulting innate and adaptive immune responses, and the clinical outcomes that they lead to. This research centres on two main themes: (i) How do the immune systems of peanut allergic individuals and those who display clinical tolerance to peanut ingestion differ and what are the mechanisms that successfully lead to (clinical, not immune) tolerance in >95% of the population? (ii) Through our participation in a national longitudinal cohort study of 5000 infants (CHILD, Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development), we address the relationship between neonatal and subsequent PRR (TLR, NOD, RIG) function with ongoing development of health vs allergic disorders. Overall, by utilizing basic, translational and clinical research strategies, our goal is to better understand the basic biology of immune regulation in humans and then to utilize this for prophylactic and therapeutic ends.