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Joerg Stetefeld PhD

Currently Not Accepting Students.

Current Position

Associate Professor, Biochemistry, University of Manitoba


09/1986 – 07/1991 Studies of Biochemistry and Small-Molecule

Crystallography, University of Leipzig

07/1991 – 09/1991 Research student at the Technion Haifa, Israel

01/1992 – 03/1996 PhD Thesis at the MPI for Biochemistry in Martinsried

04/1996 – 12/1998 Industry-Postdoctoral position at the Biozentrum,

01/1999-07/2003 Habilitation in Biophysical Chemistry at the Biozentrum

08/2003-08/2006 Group leader, Biozentrum Basel

11/2004-12/2006 Scientific Advisor for Alpha-O Peptide AG
09/2006-present Associate Professor for Biochemistry at the

University of Manitoba, cross appointed at the Departments for Chemistry and Microbiology

10/2006 Canada Research Chair in Structural Biology

Research Focus:

The primary goal of our research is to understand in detail the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems. We are mainly focused on signaling linked to catalytic turnover, the storage function of coiled-coil domains and mechanisms of complex formations and signal transduction within the extracellular matrix.

To reveal the structural and functional basics of the underlying complexes, we use a combination of:
€¢ X-ray crystallography (in combination with in-house SAXS and EXAFS)

and solution NMR

€¢ several biophysical techniques (a.o. CD-spectroscopy, D(S)LS, ITC/

DSC, FRET and aUC)

€¢ In vitro functional analysis (molecular biology and biochemistry)

Our long term goal is to develop a molecular understanding of target proteins at work. The research will provide new insights into basic mechanisms of how

these proteins function, and applied science of great biotechnological and biomedical importance will be advanced.