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Jason Peeler BPE, MSc, PhD (Manitoba), CAT(C)

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Current Position

Associate Professor, Department of Human Anatomy & Cell Science, College of Medicine, University of Manitoba; Adjunct Professor, School of Medical Rehabilitation, University of Manitoba; Research Associate, Pan Am Clinic Research Foundation


Dr. Peeler’s educational background includes a PhD degree (Manitoba /2005) completed in clinical human anatomy through the Department of Human Anatomy and Cell Science in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of Kinesiology (BPE – 1990, MSc – 1995).

Professionally, he possesses a wealth of musculoskeletal injury assessment and rehabilitation experience. He has been Certified as an Athletic Therapist – CAT(C), by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association since 1992, and during this time has worked as the Head Athletic Therapist at the University of Saskatchewan, served as the Director of Sports Medicine and Science services at the Canadian Sports Centre – Manitoba, as well as been selected to work as a member of the Canadian medical team at numerous national and international sporting competitions, including the 2010 & 1998 Commonwealth Games, 2007 & 1999 Pan American Games, 2001 & 1999 World University Games (FISU), the 2007 & 1995 Canada Winter Games, and the 1999 World Junior Hockey Championships.

Research Focus:

Dr. Peeler’s primary research interests and expertise lie in the areas of applied musculoskeletal anatomy, and clinical orthopaedics/rehabilitation, with an emphasis on validity & reliability testing of musculoskeletal assessment and intervention/rehabilitation techniques that are designed to enhance patient care and musculoskeletal function. In support of his research, he holds appointment with the Pan Am Clinic Foundation and The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, and is a fellow of the Manitoba Centre on Aging and US Bone & Joint Initiative. These affiliations have allowed him to establish multi-disciplinary collaborations with a team of researchers that is comprised of both research and clinical professionals with significant discipline specific knowledge, experience, and proven research and publication track records. Currently, Dr. Peeler’s research is focused on exploring rehabilitation interventions designed to diminish knee pain and enhance joint function in individuals diagnosed with knee Osteoarthritis.

Dr. Peeler also possesses significant teaching experience in the area of applied human anatomy, with a specific emphasis on the clinical application of musculoskeletal anatomy as it relates to the fields of clinical orthopaedics and rehabilitation. He has extensive experience in the development and delivery of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has taught across a broad spectrum of the health science programs including Kinesiology, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, the Physician’s Assistant program, and Medicine. Dr. Peeler currently serves as the educational leader for the musculoskeletal medicine program within the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program of the College of Medicine at the U of M.