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James E. Strong MD, PhD, FRCPC

Currently Not Accepting Students.

Current Position

Clinician/Scientist, Departments of Pediatrics & Child Health and Medical Microbiology, Winnipeg, ManitobaSpecial Volunteer, Laboratory of Virology, Rocky Mountain Laboratory,National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institut


2002 Accredited Pediatrician, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, University of Manitoba
1997 MD, University of Calgary
1996 PhD, Dissertation Title: €œReovirus-Host Cell Interaction , University of Calgary
1992 Enrolled in MD/PhD Program, University of Calgary
1990 BSc (After Degree) with a Major in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, University of Calgary
1988 BSc (Zoology), University of Calgary

Research Focus:

My current research interests include how Ebola and Marburg viruses interact with the cell s signal transduction pathways for their own purpose of evading the host s antiviral systems. Specifically, I have shown that an activated Ras signaling pathway is required for robust Ebola virus protein synthesis and that the activated Ras pathway may be enhancing the viral protein translation through the suppression of the host cell s innate interferon system. I am looking into which elements downstream of the Ras/MAPK-signaling pathway are required for this enhancement of viral infection in hope to suppress these pathways and thereby suppress viral infection.

I am also investigating the basic pathophysiology in animal systems (e.g. mouse, hamster, guinea pig and nonhuman primate models of Filovirus disease). The aim of these studies is to better understand the mechanism of disease, with the ultimate goal of devising therapeutic interventions of the viral hemorrhagic fever viruses which can be applied to human outbreaks in the field.