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Current Position

Dr. Mhanni is a Clinician Scientist, and Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health & the Department of Biochemistry and Medical genetics, in the College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Canada. He is a practicing Consultant in Medical Genetics and in Metabolic Disorders.


Dr. Mhanni graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Tripoli University with honors in January of 1990. He then pursued graduate work at Dalhousie University before he joined the Medical Residency Training Program in Medical genetics at the University of Manitoba in 1994. After completion of his Royal College Residency Program in Medical Genetics, Dr. Mhanni pursued fellowship training and continued further graduate work to obtain a PhD degree in Human Genetics in 2002 from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Mhanni is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, a Fellow of the Canadian College of Medical Genetics and a Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics.

Research Focus

Dr. Mhanni’s primary clinical practice focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism but he is active in all other areas of Clinical Genetics. Dr. Mhanni’s focus in clinical research has primarily been concerned with the advances in the treatment of different inborn errors of metabolism. His research interests also include understanding the role of epigenetics in human disorders. In collaboration with other scientists at the University of Manitoba and other Universities, he continues to study the role of epigenetics in early developmental processes and its relationship to specific birth defects such as conotruncal anomalies of the heart.