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TREKK: Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids

Most acutely ill and injured children in Canada are managed within emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital. Difficulties in getting the right resources and training have been cited as barriers to providing the best possible care in these settings. This has resulted in variable levels of emergency care for children within Canada.  TREKK is a Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) – knowledge mobilization initiative supported by the Government of Canada and established to address these critical knowledge gaps and improve emergency care for children across Canada.  Since 2011 TREKK has:

  1. Determined the knowledge needs of health care professionals working in general emergency departments and the families seeking care within these facilities.
  2. Assembled existing evidence to meet the identified knowledge need priorities and pursue future research projects to address knowledge gaps.
  3. Developed useable educational tools to assist general emergency departments in the access, adaptation and implementation of new knowledge.
  4. Built a sustainable knowledge mobilization network in pediatric emergency medicine.

TREKK is led by Dr. Terry Klassen and its Administrative Centre is based at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.  The Network is grateful for support from the University of Manitoba (the host institution), Research Manitoba and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

For more information visit trekk.ca.