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Below you will find links to papers that will help you during your time as a resident.

Table of Contents

1 NEJM Picing a Research Problem The Critical Decision

1A What is the Question

2 How to read clinical journals

3 An Overview of Clinical Research Lay of the Land

4 Bias and Causal Associations in observational research

5 Descriptive Studies What They Can and Cannot Do

6 Uses and Abuses of screening tests

7 Case Control Studies Research in Reverse

8 Generation of allocation sequences in randomized trials chance not choice

9 Cohort Studies Marching Towards Outcomes

10 Education and Debate

11 Allocation concealment in randomised trials defending against deciphering

12 Blinding in randomised trials hiding who got what

13 The blind leading the blind use and misuse of blinding in randomized controlled trials

15 Multiplicity in randomised trials endpoints and treatments

16 Multiplicity in randomised trials subgroup and interim analyses

17 Circulation Discarding Logic 2008 Ancel Keys Memorial Lecture

18 Why randomized controlled trials fail but neednt

1 Why randomized controlled trials fail but neednt 2

20 Pediatrics StaR Child Health

21 Pediatrics Standard 1 Consent and Recruitment

22 Pediatrics Standard 2 Containing Risk of Bias

23 Standard 3 Data Monitoring Committees

24 Standard 4 Determining Adequate Sample Sizes

25 Standard 5 Selection Measurement and Reporting of Outcomes in Clinical Trials in Children

26 Pediatrics Standard 6 Age Groups for Pediatric Trials

27 The Environment and Disease Association or Causation

27A Developing Questionnaires for Educational Research

28 Five Steps to Conducting a Systematic Review

29 STROBE Statement

30 Research Methods Reporting CONSORT 2010 Statement

31 Research Methods Reporting The PRISMA Statement