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Welcome to the Pediatric Resident Research Webpage.

Residency training is multidimensional and programs are designed to provide trainees with skills in various areas of medicine. Within the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Manitoba, all residents are expected to complete a scholarly project, which in most cases involves the completion of a research project. The purpose of the research component of the of residency training is to expose residents to the scientific methods, provide skills necessary to properly evaluate research papers and, for some, provide an opportunity to foster the skills necessary to become a clinician investigator.

The resident research committee is designed to facilitate the completion of your residency research program by providing guidance, education, support and continued feedback throughout your training. The committee is made up of epidemiologists, clinicians and residents committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality education and support through this process.

The current webpage is designed to be a central node for residents to provide information pertaining to research. We have created a list of available mentors and projects, timelines and a calendar with events that relate to your research program and a series of resources to help you complete your project.

Please use the contact information below to connect with the resident research committee coordinator if you have questions about this process.


Pediatric Resident Research Committee


Allison Birch, MNRM
Assistant to Dr. Jon Mcgavock
Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM)
513 – 715 McDermot Avenue| Winnipeg MB R3E 3P4
Office Location: 511A John Buhler Research Center
P: (204) 789 3591
E: abirch@chrim.ca

Pediatric Program Coordinating Committee:

Name                                                  Title                                                   Email

Candace Schroeder                              Program Assistant                             PedsNorthernRural@hsc.mb.ca

Allison Bingham, MD                            Chief Resident 1                                  pedschief@hsc.mb.ca

Jessica Laks, MD                                     Chief Resident 2                                  pedschief@hsc.mb.ca

Karen Gripp, MD                                     Pediatrics Program Director             kgripp@hsc.mb.ca

Liz Doyle, MD                                           Pediatric Program Director               edoyle@hsc.mb.ca

Jon Sniderman, MD                                 Chief Resident                                      pedschief@hsc.mb.ca

Normal Mclean, MD                                Chief Resident                                      pedschief@hsc.mb.ca

Resident Research Committee:

Name                                                  Section                                                Email

Allison Dart, MD, MSc                        Pediatric Nephrology                            adart@hsc.mb.ca

Celia Rodd, MD, MSc                           Pediatric Endocrinology                       crodd@hsc.mb.ca

Atul Sharma, MD, MSc                        Centre for Healthcare Innovation      atul.sharma@umanitoba.ca

Kelly Russell, PhD     Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba     krussell@chrim.ca

Kyle Millar, MD                                       PGY1-Resident                                      kmillar@hsc.mb.ca

Vanessa Percy, MD                                PGY3-Resident                                      vpercy@hsc.mb.ca

Herman tam, MD                                   PGY1-Resident                                     htam@manitoba-physicians.ca

Mandeep Mahal, MD                             PGY3-Resident                                     mmahal@hsc.mb.ca