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Current Residents


Name Contact Email
Martha Balicki mbalicki@manitoba-physicians.ca
Jessica Harper jharper6@manitoba-physicians.ca
Marina Journault mjournault@manitoba-physicians.ca
Shayna McNeill smcneill@manitoba-physicians.ca
Bhavika Patel bpatel6@manitoba-physicians.ca
Jacqueline Richelle jrichelle@manitoba-physicians.ca
Jenny Shi jshi@manitoba-physicians.ca
Angus Wang awang2@manitoba-physicians.ca
Clare Whitehead cwhitehead@manitoba-physicians.ca
Frances Yeung fyeung@manitoba-physicians.ca



Name Contact Email
Michelle Durst mdurst@manitoba-physicians.ca
Oana Florescu oflorescu@manitoba-physicians.ca
Alastair Fung Funga3@myumanitoba.ca
Kaitlin Hogue khogue@wrha.mb.ca
Bhreagh Kennedy Bkennedy2@manitoba-physicians.ca
Shannon Mohoric smohoric@manitoba-physicians.ca
John Page Jpage3@manitoba-physicians.ca
Rozenna Skovrlj rskovrlj@manitoba-physicians.ca
Margo Stevenson Mstevenson5@manitoba-physicians.ca
Jennifer Wiebe Jwiebe19@manitoba-physicians.ca
Kari Wosnitza kwosnitza@manitoba-physicians.ca



Name Contact Email
Stacy Chapman schapman@manitoba-physicians.ca
Farouk Jiwani fjiwani@manitoba-physicians.ca
Maria-Elena Lautatzis Mlautatzis2@manitoba-physicians.ca
Santina Lee Slee5@manitoba-physicians.ca
Carrie Lewis Lewisc35@myumanitoba.ca
William Li Wli3@manitoba-physicians.ca
Jina Pagura jpagura@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Justin Penner Jpenner7@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Herman Tam htam@manitoba-physicians.ca
Stephanie Villeneuve svilleneuve@manitoba-physicians.ca



Name Contact Email
Shannon Deane sdeane@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Rachel Gardner rgardner@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Audrey Javellana ajavellana@hsc.mb.ca
Annika Klopp Aklopp@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Kyle Millar kmillar@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Teryl Sansom tsansom@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Mathura Thevarajah mthevarajah@exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Norman McLean nmclean2@hsc.mb.ca
Joan Tien umtienjf@cc.umanitoba.ca
Tiffany Wengel twengel@cancercare.mb.ca




  • Understand the basic principles of epidemiology and biostatistics
  • Be able to apply the basic principles of epidemiology and basic biostatistics when evaluating a research article
  • Complete the local resident research training course in Year 1 and Year 2
  • Complete the TCPS (Tri-Council Policy Statement) on Research Ethics Tutorial – print copy of certificate of completion


  • Submit a one page summary of research project to committee – June 30, 2014
  • Submit ethics proposal to Biomedical Research Ethics Board – Fall 2014
  • Present works in Progress during Local resident Research Competition – March 2015
  • Submit tables and figures for manuscript to research committee – June 30, 2015
  • Present a manuscript during Local resident Research Competition – March 2015
  • Submit manuscript for publication or to resident research committee – June 2015

Proposed Timeline/Deadlines for Residents

Year 1

PGY1 resident research Curriculum* – August-September
Select a research mentor/research question – September – April
CHRIM Child Health Research Day – October 2, 2014
Dinner Workshop #1 – November 22, 2014
Find source of data for resident research project – April – May 2014
National Resident Research Competition and Dinner – May 15, 2014
Meet your mentor to design one page summary of research project – June 1, 2014
Submit structured testable clinical question to research committee – June 30, 2014

*chance to meet one-on-one with Dr. McGavock to discuss interests/leads on faculty members to approach for research in interest areas

Year 2

Revise a research hypothesis with mentor/committee – July-August 2014
Work with ombudsman/mentor to find a database to test the question – August-November 2014
Present proposed research in PICOT format (half day/CHRIM rounds) – Sept-December 2014
Work with committee/mentor/statistician on a research design – Sept-November 2014
Dinner Workshop #1 – November 2014
Work with statistician to analyze data – Dec-March 2015
Present works in Progress at Local Resident Research Competition – March, 2015
Dinner Workshop #2 – April  2015
Data should be analyzed and tables/figures made – May 1, 2015
National Resident Research Competition and Dinner – May, 2015
Meet your mentor to review data and create outline of manuscript – June 1, 2015
Submit tables and figures to research committee – June 30, 2015

Year 3

Work with mentor/ombudsman on manuscript – July-December 2016
Dinner Workshop #1 – November 2016
Submit Manuscript to resident research competition – February 2016
Present research project at local competition – March 2016
Dinner Workshop #2 – April 2016
National Resident Research Competition and Dinner – May, 2016
Submit manuscript for publication – June 30, 2016