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Below you will find information on Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Research Rounds; Pediatric Grand Rounds; upcoming conferences; grant deadlines; and Child Health Research Day.

PGY2 Resident Research-Due October 2, 2014

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 2 pages, single spaced.
  • 12-point font with a maximum 2 cm for page margins.
  • Please insert references throughout and justify decisions along the way (i.e. justify inclusion/exclusion criteria).
  • References do not count in the 2-page limit.

Please include the following sections in your 2 page summary of your research project:

  • Background and rationale (1/4-1/2 page)
  • Limitations to previous literature (1 paragraph)
  • Study hypothesis (1-2 sentences)
  • Research Design and Methods
    • Study design (survey, cross sectional, cohort, experimental)
    • Population
    • Exposure/Intervention
    • Control group
    • Outcome variables
    • Time
  • Analytical approach
    • Sample size calculation
    • Proposed analyses
  • Impact on child health
    • How is this study novel?
    • How will it improve the lives of children?

Please submit this by October 2nd 2014 to Debbie Duprey. All proposals will be reviewed by the Pediatric Resident Research Sub Committee.

Resident Research “Work-in-Progress” Presentation Schedule 2014-2015




Tues, Oct 14th 2014(PGY3) Ashley Globa Miriam Katzman
Tues, Dec 2nd 2014(PGY3) Audrey Javellana Mandeep Mahal Norman McLean
Thurs, Jan 15th 2015(PGY2) – JBRC Rachael Gardner Jina Pagura Shannon Deane Tiffany Wengel
Tues, Feb 17th 2015(PGY2) Tara Corkery Brent Hanasyk
Tues, March 31st 2015(PGY2) Kyle Millar Mathura Thevarajah Teryl Sansom Justin Penner
Tues, April 28th 2015(PGY1) Annika Klopp Stephanie Villeneuve Farouk Jiwani Maria-Elena Lautatzis
Tues, May 26th 2015(PGY1) Jon Sniderman Stacy Chapman Carrie Lewis Herman Tam
Tues, June 30th 2015(PGY1) Santina Lee Rami Abilmona William Li Joan Tien

Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Research Rounds:

January 15, 2015

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Mushquash, Ph.D., C.Psych., Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Presentation: “Practical strategies for working with first nation youth”

Research Rounds is held Thursdays at noon in Room 500 on the 5th floor of JBRC. A light lunch will be served


Pediatric Grand Rounds

January 15, 2015

Where: Frederic Gaspard Theatre (A), BMSB

Time: 8:00-9:00 am

 Topic: Is it time to hang up the stethoscope? A review of the relevance of chest auscultation


1) Understand the physiology and pathophysiology of respiratory sounds

2) Appreciate the challenge of communicating clinical observations

3) Explore the application of new technologies to lung auscultation

Presenter: Dr. Hans Pasterkamp MD, FRCPC, Professor, University of Manitoba; Head, Pediatric Respirology, Children’s Hospital

January 22, 2015

Where: Frederic Gaspard Theatre (A), BMSB

Time: 8:00-9:00 am

 Topic: Procedural Pain in Ambulatory Care: Importance, Best Practice and Progress Report


1) Recognize the importance in child development of early experience with pain and fear associated with medical procedures.

2) Recognize the burden of distress for children in hospital that is produced by painful procedures.

3) Describe evidence-based pharmacological, physical, and psychological methods to prevent and reduce procedure-related pain and fear.

4) Share progress and future plans for a program (supported by Children’s Hospital Foundation) to prevent and reduce procedural pain in outpatients.

Presenters: Carl von Baeyer, PhD, Professor of Clinical Health Psychology; Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health

Maureen MacKay, BN, Nurse Clinician, Clinical Investigation Unit, Children’s Hospital

Nicole Hase-Wilson, BEd, Certified Child Life Specialist, Children’s Hospital

Centre for Healthcare Innovation Grand Rounds

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation will host a Grand Round featuring national experts in the measurement, collection and analysis of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs): Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice and Research

 Panel Speakers include:

  • Moderator: Dr. Lisa Lix, Director of Data Science, George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation
  • Dr. Nancy Mayo, McGill University Health Centre
  • Dr. Eric Bohm, Department of Surgery, University of Manitoba; Concordia Hospital Hip and Knee Institute; George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation
  • Dr. Tolulope Sajobi, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Richard Sawatzky, Trinity Western University
  • Dr. Ruth Barclay, College of Medical Rehabilitation, University of Manitoba

 Thursday, December 11th, 2014


Room 164 Apotex Centre, 750 McDermot

Grants and Awards

For information on Grants and Awards Funding from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba click here.