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Research Themes & Platforms

At the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, a unique framework of developing and established research themes encourages and assists research collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists. Themes are areas relevant to child health with faculty of recognized excellence acknowledged as having critical mass within the Institute. Theme members are scientists of a national calibre, hold extensive individual, national, or international research funding support, and bring unique strengths to the theme, increasing the theme s ability to collaborate and make progress beyond the capacity of individual efforts.

New and continuing research themes make ongoing, substantive contributions to discovery research in areas of child health and help bridge the gap from discoveries made in the laboratory and in clinical and epidemiologic research, to the delivery of advances in the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of childhood illness and disease.

The theme structure offers an effective and efficient mechanism for decision making in allocating resources and support to scientific investigators and trainees at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

Research themes at the Institute share the following common attributes to meet theme requirements:

  • Full members include a core group of scientists who have demonstrated excellence in research as indicated by their publication record, intellectual property, continuous national or international external research funding, and national and international recognition by their peers. Decisions regarding the addition and renewal of existing theme members are made via a transparent process.
  • Multiple scientific disciplines and research approaches are represented; both clinical and basic science investigators work together within a single theme. Participation of researchers from multiple university faculties is common and strongly encouraged. While external members can be located at other institutions, there must be a sufficient number of members conducting research at the Children\’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba as a prerequisite for creation or renewal of a theme.
  • Themes consist of numerous established research programs which are complementary to other research programs within the theme. The theme may also contain developing research programs by faculty at early stages of their research career.
  • Themes are involved in the creation and maintenance of an integrated research training program that recruits trainees from both degree and residency programs and meets the appropriate academic standards governing such programs. A theme attracts and retains research trainees who are nationally competitive.
  • Theme members demonstrate sustained success in external operating and personnel award competitions, along with significant accomplishment in attracting high quality trainees and faculty.
  • Theme leadership and members elaborate a vision of research development within the theme area that is sustainable well into the future. Regular internal and external review of progress made towards the themes self-assigned milestones and goals is a component of the program.

The first established theme at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba was the Biology of Breathing, whose basic science and clinical research focus is pediatric pulmonary biology and disease. Since then the Diabetes Research Envisioned and Accomplished in Manitoba or DREAM theme has been developed to create an environment and provide the infrastructure to support state-of-the-art epidemiological and basic science research in the area of obesity and Type 2 diabetes complications. Also the Next generation Sequencing (NGS) platform has joined CHRIM and will give Manitoba researchers the tools required to advance discoveries in areas such as epigenetics, cardiovascular research, cancer, diabetes, stem cell biology and other areas of human disease..

Downloadable resources for existing themes: Theme Progress Report

A consultative review process is currently underway for Research Themes at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

For more information on Research Themes, please contact:

CEO & Scientific Director

Dr. Terry Klassen, (204) 789-3754, tklassen@chrim.ca

Current Theme Leaders:

Dr. Andrew Halayko, Biology of Breathing Theme Leader, (204) 787-2062, ahalayk@cc.umanitoba.ca

Dr. Grant Hatch, DREAM Theme co-leader (204)-789-3405

Dr.Jon McGavock, DREAM Theme co-leader, (204)-480-1359

Dr. Jim Davie, NGS Platform Leader, (204)-975-7732