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Recent grant success for members of the DREAM theme.

Joe Gordon:

2014 Operating Grant entitled Molecular regulation of insulin resistance in developing skeletal muscle: The role of altered mitochondrial quality control. for a period of 2 years in the amount of $71,660.00 in year 1 and $73,398.95 in year 2.

Christine Doucette:

2014/10-2019/9               Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant
Co-Investigator               “Adiponectin in gestational diabetes and its impact on the fetal origins of disease in the offspring”
(with Dr. Vern Dolinsky)         Total Funding: $503 599

2014/6 – 2015/5              Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Operating Grant
Principal Investigator      “Mechanisms and implications of the HNF1aG319S polymorphism in the development of type 2 diabetes”
(with Dr. Vern Dolinsky)         Total Funding: $40 000

2014/6 – 2015/5              Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Operating Grant
Co-Investigator               “Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1 (UCHL1) role in regulating gene expression in pancreatic beta cells”
(with Dr. Jim Davie)                Total Funding: $40 000

2014/4 – 2015/3              Manitoba Medical Services Foundation (MMSF) Operating Grant
Principal Investigator      “Investigating the physiological function of uncoupling protein 2 in pancreatic beta cells and its contribution to type 2 diabetes development: an in vivo approach”
Total Funding: $25 000

Kristi Wittmeier:

CIHR Planning Grant      Pediatric Obesity In Focus: Manitoba      PI            $10,000 Sept 2014

Grant Hatch:

1.    Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Operating Grant                                $266,795                     2014-2017
Title: Regulation of cardiolipin biosynthesis in the heart.

2.    National Sciences and Engineering Research Council Operating Grant            $165,000                     2014-2019
Title: Cardiolipin regulates membrane transport.

3.    Barth Syndrome Foundation Inc.         Operating Grant                                               $54,340                                   2014-2015
Title: Tafazzin knock down alters hepatic lipid metabolism.