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Biology of Breathing Investigators

More than 15 principal investigators work together with collaborating investigators to carry out world-class research in pediatric pulmonary disorders. Multiple scientific disciplines and specialties are represented within this talented group of scientists including: neonatology, pediatric allergy and clinical immunology, pediatric respirology, oral biology, internal medicine, physiology, human anatomy and cell biology, and medical microbiology.

Theme Leader:

  • Andrew J Halayko

Principal Investigators:

  • Reuben Alvaro
  • Allan Becker
  • Shyamala Dakshinamurti
  • B. Louise Giles
  • Kent T. HayGlass
  • Richard Keijzer
  • Aaron Marshall
  • Steven N. Mink
  • Redwan Moqbel
  • Hans Pasterkamp
  • Zhikang Peng
  • J. Elliot Scott
  • Abdelilah Soussi Gounni
  • Ganesh Srinivasan
  • Newman L. Stephens
  • Malcolm Xing
  • Xi Yang
  • Prashen Chelikani

Collaborating Investigators:

  • Judy Anderson, Dept. of Zoology
  • Kevin Coombs, Dept. of Medical Microbiology
  • Ian Dixon, Dept. of Physiology
  • James Friel, Dept. of Foods and Nutrition
  • Spencer Gibson, Dept. of Biochemistry and Human Genetics
  • Grant Hatch, Dept. of Pharmacology
  • Thomas Klonish. Dept. of Human Anatomy and Cell Science
  • Sam K Kung, Dept. of Immunology
  • Jon McGavock, Dept. of Pediatrics and Child Health
  • Zahra Moussavi, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
  • Clare Ramsey, Dept. of Internal Medicine
  • Henrique Rigatto, Dept. Pediatrics and Child Health (retired)
  • Garry Shen, Dept. of Internal Medicine
  • Estelle Simons, Dept. of Pediatrics and Child Health
  • James Thliveris, Dept. of Human Anatomy and Cell Science
  • Barbara Triggs-Raine, Dept. of Biochemistry and Human Genetics
  • Helmut Unruh, Dept. of Internal Medicine
  • Jude Uzonna, Dept. of Immunology