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CHRIM Policies & Procedures

The Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba is striving to maintain clear communication and work processes in order to create a shared vision of how to work together in an effective and harmonious way. The Institute develops and amends its policies in an inclusive way, by involving its members, research team members and employees to help drive the process.

The Policies and Procedures Manual is a living collection of documents that is continually revised and revisited. The research community uses its contents to clarify structure and work processes and to guide day to day activities. Members are responsible for the continuing implementation of applicable policies and procedures in their work and in their research teams. The Administrative Office will make every effort to support the community in quality improvement.

A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure. Each document in the Manual contains both policies and procedures about a particular topic.

Policies that have been approved by the Board of Directors or the CEO and Scientific Director are made available to the research community on this page through the links below. The index of all intended documents is listed. Titles of active policies will link to a PDF file of about four pages. Relevant forms and checklists are appended to the policy document. All forms, templates and checklists are also available as separate documents (see Site Map).

Policies approved prior to 2015 are published under the name of the Manitoba Institute of Child Health (MICH) and are still applicable. The change in name will be applied as policies cycle through renewal and updating.

The 2005 Policy and Procedure Guide remains in effect for every topic in this Manual that is still under development, provided a policy exists and the information is still applicable. The 2005 Policy and Procedure Guide can be requested by contacting info@chrim.ca.


CHRIM Manual Index

1 CHRIM Community:

1.1 CHRIM Vision and Mission
1.2 Governance and Management Structure 2015
1.3 Strategic Planning
1.4 CHRIM Partnerships
1.5 Meeting, Event and Committee Structure

2 Research:

2.1 CHRIM Membership 2015
2.2 CHRIM Research Themes
2.3 CHRIM Research Platforms
2.4 Ethical Conduct of Research
2.5 Data Safety and Confidentiality
2.6 Academic Freedom and Responsibility

3 Human Resources:

3.1 CHRIM Human Resource Management
3.2 Respectful Workplace
3.3 Member & Personnel Lists 2015
3.4 Hiring Staff through the U of M 2013
3.5 Onboarding and De-boarding of Personnel 2013
3.6 Volunteering 2013
3-7 New Investigator Mentorship Program 2015
3.8 Timesheets and Holiday Hours/Sick Leave

4 Communication:

4.1 Media and Public Relations 2015
4.2 Internal Communications 2015

4.3 Website and Social Media 2015

5 Finance:

5.1 CHRIM Finance Structure
5.2 Annual Budgeting Process
5.3 Grants and Awards Guide 2017
5.4 Researcher Financing
5.5 Equipment Cost Sharing Process

6 CHRIM JBRC 5th and 6th floor:

6.1 Administrative Office
6.2 Administrative Support Team 2014
6.3 Clinical Research Unit
6.4 Lab Research Services

7 Using the Facilities:

7.1 Space Planning 2014
7.2 Use of Shared Spaces
7.3 Front Desk Services
7.4 Visitors
7.5 Research Equipment Management 2014
7.6 6th Floor Animal Facility
7.7 MED IT Services
7.8 Cleaning Services

8 Health and Safety:

8.1 Working Healthy
8.2 Security – Access and Working Alone 2014
8.3 Lock Down Procedure
8.4 Fire Safety 2014
8.5 General Lab Safety and WHMIS 2014
8.6 Biological Safety 2014
8.7 Radiation Safety 2014
8.8 Rescue Medication 2014
8.9 First Aid
8.10 Contingency Plan